This is where I started, May 2005
Size 22/24, 270 lbs.  
My purpose in life is to help people.  I have worked in many industries always taking a supporting role.  Ten years ago when I started showing the results of my weight loss efforts, I had many people ask me - what did I do to look so good?  How did I do it?  And I would attempt to tell them. 
After doing this for several years I found the Health Coaching program at IIN and the fulfillment of my purpose was turning from a dream into a reality. 
As your Happiness and Transformation Specialist (aka Your Health Coach), I have personal experience with weight loss that is invaluable to you. Most nutritional professionals don't understand how overweight people live and function. They don't understand the feelings you feel like fear, low self-esteem, anger and depression. They have never eaten an entire large pizza by themselves or wolfed down a family sized bag of chips with a 2 liter soda in one sitting. They cannot understand the intense cravings you experience or the need for comfort foods. Most can talk the talk, but they haven't really walked the walk.
May 2005 – I’d been married 13 years and had a 12 year old son.  I was pre-diabetic AND had a cancer scare already.  But neither of those two things was enough to get me to change my ways.  My whole inspiration was my son.  I didn't want to leave him too soon, as my mother had left me when I was only 18.  On May 8th, 2005 my son had to see the family doctor for an ear infection.  Each exam room had a scale.  I hadn't weighed myself in as long as I could remember so I decided to step on and see where I was.
My reaction?  Do you remember seeing cartoon characters reel backwards in shock on TV?  That was me falling off of the scale.  My starting weight: 270 lbs. (size 22/24) on a 5'7" frame.    
I truly had no idea how out of control my weight really was.  I knew I was big, just didn't realize HOW big.  My transformation into the New Me began 2 days later on May 10th and I have not stopped working toward being healthy since. 
Personally I have researched and tried several diets and eating plans.  Through a great deal of trial and error I have created a plan that works for me that incorporates healthy foods, challenging and rewarding exercise, supportive supplements, and personal support.  Along the way I have hit plateaus and road blocks and overcome them. 
I reached my lowest weight in January 2009 – 175 lbs. – when I tested for and was awarded my black belt from Tiger Schulmann’s Mixed Martial Arts.  I was even chosen to give a speech about my journey in front of about 500 people!  
Today I wear a size 8 weighing maintaining 185 lbs.
I have travelled the long road from morbidly obese to physically fit and healthy.  I've faced the same problems, obstructions and emotional barriers that you do. My journey has lead me to become a Health and Wellness Coach with experiences that none other can match.  Together we can get you on your own journey down the road to Transform into the New You!
This is me TODAY!
Size 8, 185 lbs.  
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Finally being awarded my black belt - the culimination of a great deal of hard work, discipline and dedication.
January 27, 2009
This is me in front of about 500 people after taking and passing the grueling test for my black belt.  I was chosen to give a speech about my weight loss journey.
January 25, 2009
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